Quantity Discounts

Does your organization have a lot of similar devices that need servicing or repair? We offer quantity discounts on large jobs or for multiple similar devices.

 Employee & Student Discounts

If you're employed by or enrolled in organization or school we service we have discounts available specifically for you.

 Free Diagnostics & Estimates

Corporate and School accounts receive FREE diagnostic services.  It'll never cost you anything to determine what's needed to repair your organization's devices.

 Mail-In Services

Do you have locations that aren't close to our facilities?  Don't worry, you can mail-in your devices and we'll ship them back to you when the repairs are completed.

 No Monthly Account Fees

Servicing your organizations needs shouldn't cost you more than just the repairs that are needed.  We'll never charge you fees for just having a business or school account with us.

 Rapid Response Repairs

Need it fast? We promise that we'll give your devices top priority and get them completed accurately and as quickly as possible.  Many of our repairs can be completed same day with our most common mobile device repairs taking as little as 30 minutes.  

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