Back in 2002 our founder Ray was running a data center with over 600 production web servers.  The majority of these were Dell, HP, and IBM machines but there were plenty of other "custom built" servers as well.  With that many machines having to perform maintenance and repairs on one or more of them was almost a daily event.  Due to the quantity of machines in service it was a logical step to enroll and become a certified warranty center for these machines.  Ray and and several of his senior data center administrators went through technician certification programs for Dell and HP.   A short time later the facility was certified as a warranty repair center for Dell and HP.  By 2007 Ray and his team had obtained additional certifications with Network Appliance, Isilon, EMC Clarion, and IBM.   Aside from running some of the most sophisticated enterprise level computer and router equipment available at the time Ray and his team started offering their services on a sub-contracted basis to customers at other data centers. 

Then in 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone 2G, the phone that revolutionized the entire mobile device industry.  Not long after Ray purchased his fancy new device it was dropped and the display shattered.  The only option at the time was to replace the entire unit for $500.  This intrigued him and he started looking into obtaining replacement parts from his existing computer parts supply chain.  Ray had been repairing small electronics for over a decade prior to building his first data center.  He was already readily familiar with reading schematics,  micro soldering and board level repairs.  Once the parts were located he ordered a couple of displays just to see if this was something that could be done in a reasonably cost effective manner.  Once he had successfully repaired his personal iPhone 2G and shared his story with friends it became immediately clear that there was already a growing demand for this.  To his surprise the demand wasn't only with Apple products but many other mobile devices as well.  This was the "light bulb" moment where he knew, with the right approach and his experience this could become something big.  At this time parts were very hard to come by and the quality was shaky at best.  Over the next several years Ray worked on this concept as more of a hobby helping out friends who found themselves with broken tech.

In 2013 Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers opened it first retail location in Lake Forest, CA.  Over the years Ray personally trained several apprentices in both computer and cellular repair until he was satisfied they had the skill to provide expert troubleshooting and perform expert repairs consistently.

Today Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers is an Apple Authorized IRP, Ubiquiti Authorized Provider, Lenovo Partner, Microsoft Partner, and the entire staff are Apple Certified Technicians.  In fact, we're one of the few service centers that can obtain Genuine Apple Parts directly from Apple.  In addition to being an Apple IRP we're also Authorized by Samsung, Dell, HP, Ubiquity, and others.  We operate as a full service computer and mobile device Service Center.  We perform everything  from simple display replacements to liquid damage data recovery and go all the way down to microscope board level for soldered repair work.  Our business services include mesh networking, firewall / router management, and IT consulting. 

What sets us apart from the rest is our level of formal training, manufacturer certifications, access to diagnostic tools, software and methods directly from the manufacturer, practical experience and ability to actually repair components NOT just replace them.  In most cases other places have no manufacturer certifications or access to genuine parts at all.  Don't be fooled by just any fancy door sign with a slogan.... most other shops employ technicians that exclusively learn on what we call "YouTube University" and then "practice" on your devices.  

Remember "anyone can REPLACE something, it takes actual skill to repair it correctly"

Any Brand, Any Problem, We Fix It All !