Warranty :: Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers
90 Limited Warranty

Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers, Inc. (CLRC) only warranties the specific work performed in conjunction with the specific parts to be replaced / repaired for a period of 90 days after the repairs are completed. Under no circumstance will CLRC assume any liability for any other issues your device may have or issues which may be discovered in the course of performing the specified repairs. CLRC will repair your device as described on the service order for the repair estimate stated (unless the estimate is revised with your written or verbal approval). Unless your product is repaired under warranty you will be charged the amount shown or the revised / approved amount. Payment is due on completion of the work. CLRC will not under any circumstances be liable for data on any device inspected or worked on. It is the responsibility of the device owner to properly backup any data prior to inspection or service work. If your device has any indications of liquid damage / liquid exposure CLRC expressly disclaims any liability for specific functionality regardless of repair requested or performed. If your liquid damaged device is not being treated specifically for liquid damage and fails to operate normally in any area after the specified repair is completed (including the specific repair being performed) there will be additional charges to correct any other issue(s) if discovered issue(s) are in fact correctable by CLRC.

The customer must have the original Work Order / Claim Slip / Sales Receipt / Drivers License, Passport, or other government issued ID with matching name to pick up any device or exercise any warranty claims. These terms and conditions supersede any other written or verbal agreement.

  • Under no circumstances will we cover warranty parts or labor for any functionality issue discovered within your device after the specific repair was completed. For example if we replace the display on your iPhone 7 and then discover that your camera is not functional we will not replace your camera under warranty.
  • CLRC 90 Day Warranty IS NOT insurance. Any Physical damaged to the device, however slight after repairs are completed VOIDS our warranty in it's entirety without exception.
  • CLRC offers Glass Break Protection Plans (accidental damage insurance) for Glass Touch Screen Displays. You have the option of purchasing those plans at the time of your repair.

We offer a full 90 Day Warranty for all parts used and specific labor performed in repairing your device.

  • For Walk-In customers the warranty period starts the day the repair ordered is completed.
  • For Mail-In customers the warranty period starts 5 days after the device was shipped back to you. We ship all devices via USPS Day Priority Mail with Tracking and Signature required. In most cases you will receive your device 1-3 days after shipping. Please note that you are responsible for signing for your device or picking it up from your local post office if they can not obtain a signature when attempting to deliver.
  • Warranty periods will not be extended due to inability to pickup your device from the Retail Location you dropped it off at or delays in signing for your device from the Post Office.