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General Repair Questions

Though is it preferred that you checkout online prior to sending in your Phone, tablet, Computer or Game Console it is not required. Checking out online prior to sending in your phone helps us expedite the repair process as we will have easy access to your information and do not need to delay the repair to wait for payment. If you would prefer to send in your Phone, tablet, Computer or Game Console without purchasing a service online please include your contact information and a brief explanation of the issue(s) you are experiencing. This will help us minimize any repair delays and return your device as fast as possible. 

Yes we do. Just bring your device to one of our retail locations and we'll let you know what it's worth. Please keep in mind that many factors are involved in valuating your device for purchase.

Yes, all repairs carry a 90 day parts and labor warranty which means if you have any issues related to the parts used and the labor associated within 90 days we will take care of it free of charge!

Yes, we repair most all makes & models of smart phones, laptops, and tablets.

In addition to iPhone repairs, we offer repair services on iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, Apple Watches, and much much more.

Absolutely, we do that all the time for customers. We get it, it's fun to do things yourself but then again sometimes it turns out to be a more than your comfortable with after you started. Bring it in and one of our technicians can advise you on the spot.

The simple answer is yes, we do offer bundle discounts for multiple repairs on the same device.
Please just give us a call at 1-949-595-0431 and we can discuss those options with you.

Glass & LCD Replacement Service

Yes, in most cases modern smartphones use a composite multi-part display and many issues due to a drop can be corrected with a regular display replacement. 

Yes, all parts and repair services include a 90 day warranty. This warranty covers the part(s) that were replaced and the labor to install them. It does not cover any subsequent damage to the phone or components that were not serviced as part of the original repair.

If the actual screen of the phone is bleeding, white, or has any dead pixels, or vertical lines then you're going to need to select the LCD & Glass option as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage.

With most smartphones the display is a multi-part optically laminated unit. This means that a display replacement will often include everything dealing with the touch response, display picture, and cosmetics.  

Mail In Repairs and Shipping

Sure, please just call a customer service representative at 1-949-595-0431 to make the proper arrangements. Please note, we are not responsible for packages lost in transit back to the customer if they supply their own shipping label or shipping account.

Yes we do. If there is a pass code on the equipment it hinders our ability to test all the functions of the device. Please provide your pass code with the device when you send it in for repair. If you do not wish to provide your pass code, certain equipment functions including but not limited to; the camera, WiFi, Mic, Speaker, and bluetooth cannot be tested and cannot be guaranteed.

While it's handy to have your active sim card in the device it's not required. We have our own SIM cards to test your device with. If you have a backup phone or tablet that can be used with your active sim card please feel free to keep it until the repairs are completed.

For mail-in services all payments are made securely online using one of our approved processors such as PayPal.  If you are uncomfortable shopping online you also have the choice of visiting one of our repair locations in person.

Please pack your device in a proper, safe box or reinforced mailer.  While you can ship it in the original box it is not necessary as long as it's packaged safely.  After proper packaging simply ship it with the carrier of your choosing to our mail in service location at:

Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers, Inc
23591 Rockfield Blvd - Suite C
Lake Forest, CA 92630
United States

Please include your name and/or order number with a good contact phone number so that we can quickly locate your order and begin the repair when it arrives at our repair facility. Once the device has been repaired, we will return it to shipping address that was specified during checkout.

All we need to complete the repair is your device.  Please do not send any accessories such as cases, chargers, etc..

Please ship your iPhone to our mail in service location at:
Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers
23591 Rockfield Blvd - Ste C
Lake Forest, CA

Repair Location Questions

Yes, all prices found on are the same in our Retail Walk-In Repair Centers.

Almost all smartphone / cellular repairs can be completed while you wait in about 30 minutes or less by one of our experienced technicians. There are several types of repairs that typically cannot be completed while you wait such as general diagnostics, liquid damage services, data recovery, or anything where special-order parts are required for completion.  

We understand that  for some customers scheduling an appointment is a much better fit and you can do this on our website by first selecting your device then the issue that needs attention HERE.   

* Please keep in mind that for our most common repairs appointments are not needed. 

For a list of retail locations please refer to our STORE LOCATOR on our website.

Smartphones Parts

It's important to know that Apple does not manufacture any of it's own parts. They are only a design and engineering company. The parts Apple uses in their devices are bought from Chinese factories & vendors and assembled almost entirely in China. Many of the parts we use come from similar vendors in China. Often times from the same factories. So though we cannot claim that our parts are "from Apple" they are manufactured to the same specifications and often times very difficult to tell the difference.

** Beware of anyone advertising they are using ORIGINAL APPLE parts as Apple does not sell any of it's iPhone, iPod, or iPad parts directly to the general repair industry.



Smartphone repair can be a difficult and tedious task. If you do not have any experience working on small electronic devices it is not recommended that you attempt the repair yourself. Many customers who purchase parts online and attempt a smartphone repair themselves end up causing further damage to the phone sometimes fatally damaging the phone beyond repair. For this reason we wouldn't suggest you "try it yourself".

Warranty Information

We offer a full 90 Day Warranty for all parts used and specific labor performed in repairing your device.

For Walk-In customers the warranty period starts the day the repair ordered is completed.

For Mail-In customers the warranty period starts 5 days after the device was shipped back to you. We ship all devices via USPS Day Priority Mail with Tracking and Signature required. In most cases you will receive your device 1-3 days after shipping. Please note that you are responsible for signing for your device or picking it up from your local post office if they can not obtain a signature when attempting to deliver.

The Warranty period can not be extended due to delayed pickup your device from the Retail Location you dropped it off at or delays in signing for your device from the Post Office. If you have a special circumstance that prevents you from picking up your device please let us know when submitting it for repair and we will do our best to accommodate the situation within reason.

BrokeniPhones - Cellular & Laptop Repair Centers, Inc. (CLRC) only warranties the specific work performed in conjunction with the specific parts to be replaced / repaired for a period of 90 days after the repairs are completed

t's important to remember that our 90 Day Warranty IS NOT insurance. This means that any Physical damaged to the device or the part we installed or if the device is opened by any other shop after our repairs are completed VOIDS our warranty.

CLRC offers very affordable Glass Break Protection Plans (accidental damage protection plans) for Glass Touch Screens on many of the devices we repair. You have the option of purchasing those plans at the time of your repair. Please give it some consideration before you pick up your device.

For the complete terms & conditions of our 90 Day Warranty please visit HERE.

Water Damage Service

Our water damage repair service includes a 90-day warranty so if you experience any issues caused by the initial liquid damage within 90-days, we'll take care of it for you. 

Due to its high cost, The logic board is the only part in the Phone that is not included in the water damage service. If the logic board of the phone has been irreversibly damaged, we will provide an adjusted quote that includes logic board repair or replacement.

While we don't replace the factory liquid damage indicators we do install several new ones so we know if the device become subjected to liquid again, The liquid damage service includes all parts and labor required to get phone back to fully functional condition but does not include replacement of the original water damage sensors.

Water damage repair generally takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete depending on the level of damage. This estimate can vary depending on the extent of the damage to the logic board and other components. To learn more about what is involved in our water damage repair service check out our water damage repair procedure article HERE.

Absolutely, we have repaired phones and laptops that have been dropped in all kinds of liquid, not just water. We have seen phones dropped in beer, sweet tea, a deep fryer and everything in between. The water damage service applies to all type of liquid, not just water.

* Please note that if the device has been exposed to unsanitary or hazardous liquid such as urine, gasoline, etc..  we may decline to service it.  

Though the Phone can sometimes begin working again on its own after water damage although it's very uncommon and not a likely outcome. It is more likely that corrosion and residue deposits will begin to form on the logic board making the repair process more difficult. We recommend sending the phone in as soon as possible even if it is still wet as our chance at repairing the phone increases substantially the sooner we receive it. 

Absolutely. Through the salt in salt water is very corrosive and can be very damaging to electronic devices in a very short period of time, there is no reason to not send or bring it in. Our success rate on salt water damaged phone is much lower than that of devices that have been subjected to other liquids but there is still a good chance that is can be repaired or the data recovered. Due to the extreme nature of salt water corrosion it's always best to get it in for service as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours.

Yes.  Even if just one or two functions may not be working, it could be caused by a variety of things. For example, if your home button is not functioning properly, the issue may be caused by the home button flex, the lower dock connector assembly, the Logic board, or any combination of the three since the phone was liquid damaged. If the phone has not been liquid damaged, a home button issue is almost always caused by the home button flex, however if the phone has been liquid damaged, these standards do not apply. This why we offer a water damage service specially tailored for water damaged Phones.

Our 90 day warranty covers any issues caused by the initial water damage that was repaired. The warranty does not include any subsequent water damage or any new physical damage to the device.

In short, water can short circuit critical components providing a direct path to common ground and cause a wide variety  of corrosion. Fortunately, damaged caused by water or liquid incursion can often be reversed resulting in a fully repaired Phone or laptop.

If we are unable to repair your liquid damaged device for any reason, your payments will be refunded minus the diagnostic fee & cost of return shipping.

If your Phone could not be repaired and you do not want the phone back or do not wish to pay for return shipping, we will be happy to recycle the device for you in an environmentally friendly manner. 

First and foremost, NEVER attempt to turn the device on as that can cause serious damage from short circuits. Also no matter what you may see around the internet just putting it in rice and waiting a day or two then trying to turn it on is a VERY BAD IDEA. There's always a chance that liquid is still inside the device and powering it on can cause major damage. Our success rate at repairing devices increases substantially the sooner we receive it.